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Garden Tour Info

Take a Tour of the Garden

In 2012, the work on the Josephine Campbell Building gardens was begun. With an eye towards striking colors and bold shapes, the front portion of the project was completed in the late Spring of that year.

Discussions with the owner led to the planning of the Pearl G Thrasher Memorial Gardens in the rear of the building. Design of the garden was completed in December of 2012, with construction commencing the following Spring.

Several phases of the project during the Fall of 2013 and Spring of 2014 have made this an interesting and dynamic display garden, showcasing plants from all over the globe.

Thanks to Chuck Thrasher for allowing me to be part of this project.
~~  John Helsper, Gardens and More, LLC.

Design, Colors, and Plant Choices

The walking tour of the gardens begins at the Habitat for Humanity Building, and concludes at Gear Head Deli for lunch. We will stop and discuss some of the more interesting trees, shrubs and perennials, as well as discussing the overall design intent, and some of the color schemes used in the plantings.

Download the (2016) tour brochure PDF here.

The architectural elements in the garden were chosen to define, frame and contain several pieces ‘repurposed’ from the existing site. You will see that, as in all gardens, it is a work in progress, and several things have been moved or added since the original construction. This is likely to continue.

Keeping in mind that the garden was designed to be viewed, or ‘presented’ from the deck in back of the Gear Head Deli, the shapes and forms are best viewed from that vantage point. However, it is only when you walk through the plantings does the charm and textural contrast between the plants take center stage.

Photos above are from the June 2016 Tour, a fundraiser for the Quilcene-Brinnon Garden Club.